By kattekrab, 1 October, 2023

Two weeks from today I’ll wake up with a new sense of the country I call home. 

Will a majority of 97% of Australian’s vote YES to give 3% a Voice to parliament in recognition of their ancient connection to country?

I think they will. 
I hope they will. 
I believe they will. 

But it’s going to be close. And that in itself is a bit heart breaking. It shouldn’t be close. 

It should be an easy, and enthusiastic yes, as it was in 1967. 

By kattekrab, 23 July, 2023

VALA Tech Camp 2023 was held last week, and I was lucky enough to attend, and to speak on Day 2 in the Open Source stream.

The day started with an excellent workshop on digital search skills in the Data stream. I learnt some very nifty tricks, and played around with a brilliant set of tools I've never used before called Voyant Tools.

By kattekrab, 15 July, 2023

(Magical insight + Marvellous idea)/(Minimalist implementation - Minor iteration) = Measurable impact.

Images: Donna + Dall-e


By kattekrab, 4 October, 2022

As our machine learning, data engineering, and artificial intelligence systems evolve, adapt, and learn, so too must we!

The intersection of the twin revolutions of Agile and Open Source Software development methodologies is a fascinating place. These movements are changing the world, and they have more in common than sets them apart. However the differences are fascinating and fundamental, and we are only starting to respectfully learn from each other.

By kattekrab, 4 October, 2022

On knowledge.

If we can access the internet, we have at our fingertips more knowledge than an individual can possibly know, so how do we choose where to invest our precious time and mind resources?

On automation, and adaptation.

If you need to do something more than once, or twice, you can afford to optimise before doing it a third time.

If you continue to learn, and adapt, the 10th iteration should be different to the first. An evolution.

By kattekrab, 15 April, 2022

At Red Hat we try to balance our values of freedom and courage, alongside commitment, and accountability

I love this. It's the key that unlocks the open culture we live and breathe. 

Freedom and courage require brave behaviour. Commitment and accountability help ensure we serve our communities, our customers, and our colleagues.

By kattekrab, 12 January, 2022

After much urging by many wonderful humans I trust, I finally read one of Brene Browns books. Well I listened to one.  My first audio book.

It was Dare to Lead

She prompts her listeners to define two values that matter to them. So I did.

Creativity & Curiosity.

When I am driven by these, I believe I am at my best.

What are yours?