Unsorted thoughts on Knowledge and Automation

By kattekrab, 4 October, 2022

On knowledge.

If we can access the internet, we have at our fingertips more knowledge than an individual can possibly know, so how do we choose where to invest our precious time and mind resources?

On automation, and adaptation.

If you need to do something more than once, or twice, you can afford to optimise before doing it a third time.

If you continue to learn, and adapt, the 10th iteration should be different to the first. An evolution.

If you need to do something more than a 100 times, you should enable and empower others to do it too, and delegate.

If you need to do something more than a 1000 times, you should find a way to automate it.

But, once automated, how does a process adapt and improve?

So what?

Learning, thinking, doing, being with machines as tools, aids, supports, amplifiers that enable people to be their best selves, do their best work, and reach their full potential.