Open practices for open projects @FOSDEM

Submitted by kattekrab on Wed, 03/01/2024 - 19:52
Donna Benjamin stands in front of a blackboard with written on it - Photo by Angela "webchick" Byron

The Open Practice Library is filled with useful stuff. Stuff that helps people work together better, build the right thing, and build the thing right. In this session we'll gather ideas and issues from participants, and design potential solutions and pathways together using the Mobius Loop, and the library of open practices. It should be fun, come along!

30 minutes on the 4th of Feb, in Brussels, at FOSDEM.

I have always wanted to go to this event. It's meant to be epic. 

Video now online or read the Full transcript

AI generated summary:

Donna Benjamin's presentation at FOSDEM introduces the Open Practice Library, emphasizing the convergence of open source and agile methodologies. She encourages collaboration and participation, highlighting the challenges faced in open source projects and the importance of creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Donna invites the audience to contribute to the Open Practice Library and concludes with a message of gratitude for the attendees' participation and engagement.