Everything Open, Agile, Hybrid and Distributed

By kattekrab, 19 March, 2023
Donna Benjamin stands in front of a screen displaying a screenshot of an article by Shannon Mitchell, published 18 May 2020  called "The forgotten feminist history of agile development" and a quoted snippet saying "Open doors, rather than selling keys" with portraits of Sister Corita Kent, and Octavia Butler. Photo by Fiona Tweedie

Update: Links to my talk Recording & Slides

A love letter to Everything Open!

As a new conference auspiced by Linux Australia, inspired by linux.conf.au, and a growing community of other adherents of Open Work of all sorts, (not to mention Open Fun), I just want to say how much I love you.

Everything Open was a wonderful event. Full of wonder.

I had the honour of speaking during the last slot before the final keynote, lightning talks, and closing remarks. So I want to start at the end, with Sae Ra Germaine's closing remarks about why she, Joel Addison, and an incredible volunteer team invested their energy into creating something so excellently energising as Everything Open turned out to be!

A blog post is coming soon hopefully, so I shall update this, and link to that when I can, but for now, I'd like to applaud and amplify Sae Ra's remarks.  As a big fan of LCA, I've always felt a little sad when people decline our warm invitation to submit a proposal, or speak, or even just attend because they feel that "linux" is not for them.  The conference has grown from a seed planted in Melbourne in 1999 as CALU, a Conference for Australian Linux Users, to embrace much more than the Free Software operating system after which it became famous, and well loved. 

Everything Open 2023 was a huge success.  People were able to re-connect, and share their knowledge, and passions - which is what a good conference should facilitate. I've written elsewhere of my belief that events are the life force of open source.  I suspect many people would agree we've missed meeting in person with the shift to online events necessitated by a global health pandemic.  However, proving we can do it online, also "opened" access to many who could not otherwise attend.  This adds fuel to my new found passion for mastering hybrid events.

Slides of my talk are attached below.  A big thanks to all who came, with extra sprinkles for those who participated by answering my questions, and especially to Fiona Tweedie for hosting the session, and capturing and sharing this pic. And a bodacious, generous Standing Ovation to all who invested sweat, and tears, powered by hope, and despite fears.

Much love to all of you.

- Donna

Loving hearing @kattekrab calling out "the agile industrial complex" at #everythingopen pic.twitter.com/OjP2M8Aj9c

— Fiona Tweedie (@FCTweedie) March 16, 2023

📷 Fiona Tweedie, 2023 
Screenshot on screen references "The forgotten feminist history of Agile development" by Shannon Mitchell, 2020.

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