about me

Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin aka kattekrab - photo by Stewart Smith on FlickrKatteKrab is my online handle, or nick. It means Catscratch in Dutch. What's a handle or nick?

I wear a lot of hats. Currently, I'm often wearing a red one. I'm working as an Engagement Lead in Red Hat's Open Innovation Labs team.

I'm also Executive Director of a boutique micro-business called Creative Contingencies and maintain a brief bio page on the cc.com.au website. But it's kind of on the back burner for now.

This blog is a mish mash of things. It's not a daily diary. It contains things I'm working on, things I'm thinking about, things that bother me, things that excite me. If I'm compelled to write, it will probably go here.

I've written a few articles in various places at various times, and have copied some of those to this site, when their previous online homes vanished.

You'll also find me on twitter, linked.inopenclipart

Core interests

  • Open Source Software, particularly Inkscape, Drupal and Sugar.
  • Travel, culture and food.
  • Early infotech: Paper, Printing & Type
  • Politics. Sometimes. History and economics.
  • Feminism.

Press clippings

Speaking history