6 reasons I love working from home (The COVID19 edition)

Submitted by kattekrab on Fri, 13/03/2020 - 13:34
A flu virus might look something like this, or it might not.

There's an itchy tickle in the back of my throat.

I saw a doctor. She confirmed that yes, I probably have an upper respiratory viral infection, and no, I probably don't have COVID19. As I've not been overseas, or been in contact with anyone confirmed to have the novel coronavirus strain causing this global pandemic, I don't need to be tested.

For now. 

Doc says rest, fluids, and stay at home.  The usual prescription for colds and flu. But if it gets worse, or doesn't improve in a few days, come back and get another check up.

Red Hat, Red Heart.

Submitted by kattekrab on Mon, 08/07/2019 - 22:10
Photo of the signed and painted canvas of the Uluru Statement From the Heart

This week, I'm in Brisbane participating in the solemn Red Hat ritual known as NHO: New Hire Orientation. I will receive my Red Fedora. I'm excited.

It's also NAIDOC week. For those that don't know, NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islander Day Observance committee. It's grown to become a week long celebration of first people's stories, achievements and ongoing resistance in the face of a colonial, genocidal denial of their existence, and their rights.

Intersections and connections

Submitted by kattekrab on Thu, 13/06/2019 - 07:07
Red Hat Open Innovation Labs - Gears, Potions, & Lightbulbs!

Not quite 2 months ago, I joined Red Hat as an Engagement Lead in the Open Innovation Labs.

It's the beginning of a new journey.  I feel a bit like I'm stepping carefully in to a rowing boat. I'm being mindful, and cautious, so as not to overbalance. I don't want to tip arse over tit into the river.  So far, it's been fun, interesting, perplexing, and exciting. At times I've felt utterly joyful, at others, overwhelmed by doubt I could do what I said I'd do.

Now migrated to Drupal 8!

Submitted by kattekrab on Sat, 20/04/2019 - 22:08
Drupal 8

It was easy!

Ok - I did have help from cafuego, so there's some bits of the process that were just magic to me.  But once I had access to the environments, I enabled the migrate modules, and followed instructions on drupal.org and hey presto it was done!

I did need to do manual clean up - re position blocks into differently named regions, and recreate some menu items for taxonomy.

I also got stumped for a bit about why I could no longer free tag, but that turned out to be a simple setting change.

The Five Whys

Submitted by kattekrab on Sat, 16/06/2018 - 09:16
The Five Whys - Need to go to the hardware store?

Imagine you work in a hardware store. You notice a customer puzzling over the vast array of electric drills.

She turns to you and says, I need a drill, but I don’t know which one to pick.

You ask “So, why do you want a drill?

“To make a hole.” she replies, somewhat exasperated. “Isn’t that obvious?”

“Sure,” you might say, “But why do you want to drill a hole? It might help us decide which drill you need!”

"Oh, okay," and she goes on to describe the need to thread cable from one room, to another.


Submitted by kattekrab on Thu, 14/06/2018 - 20:19
Professor Megan Davis, and Noel Pearson on stage with the Uluru Statement

The time has come
To say fairs fair...

Dear members of the committee,

Please listen to the Uluru statement from the heart. Please hear those words. Please accept them, please act to adopt them.

Enshrine a voice for Australia’s first nation peoples in the Australian constitution.

Create a commission for Makarrata.

Invest in uncovering and telling the truth of our history.

We will be a stronger, wiser nation when we truly acknowledge the frontier wars and not only a stolen generation but stolen land, and stolen hope.