I should be working...

Submitted by kattekrab on Tue, 20/10/2009 - 14:11

I got bills to pay. Why am I procrastinating so badly when I have a pile of billable hours ahead of me that would neatly deal with the pile of bills sitting on the other side of the desk? Not to mention the business admin that needs to be done to make the cash flow.

It doesn't feel like procrastinating, but it is. Today I've been sucked into reading and microblogging about issues I care about...  Topics du Jour...

  • Open Education - Free and open source software, open content, open pedagogy and curriculum for schools.
  • Women in IT - It's really not a gender issue. We should understand this deeper, and broader, and get on with the change program.
  • Climate Change and Politics - It's a big issue, the stakes are high and I'm frustrated by the party politic point scoring. I just wish the best minds of climate science and big economics could work together productively for a chance to bring about real change.
  • Open Government and Philosophy - Why are constantly stuck in binary debate? It's never or rarely an either or answer / winner / outcome - where's the third path? Perhaps not paved, but step into the unknown and forge a different future...

I really wish I had more time to think about these things, to write about them, to ponder them and engage with them.  But I'm an incredibly fortunate, but low income human being who needs to work to pay bills - and so I'm switching to helping people with their websites for the rest of the afternoon... and going to try and switch off my brain for a while.

So - that's what today's posts at http://identi.ca/kattekrab were all about. Here they are...

http://flossedbk.flossed.org/ Awesome! Anyone want to sponsor me so I can go? ;)

"A cultural perspective on Gender Diversity in Computing" - Lenore Blum, Carol Frieze, Orit Hazzan and M. Bernadine Dias - http://tr.im/Cm67

Will negotiating with coalition sceptics water down the scheme? Wouldn't Greens + Xenophon lead to better outcome for the climate?

@Wittylama <hope style="naive"> greens + xenophon + liberal senators who understand science in a conscience vote is what we need? </hope>

@KateLundy - is it even conceivable that a senate conscience vote could be called for the ETS? And everyone be invited to help draft scheme?

@purserj - but we need to hear the voice of the greens - afterall, they've been warning about climate change for 30 years. Not 3.

@purserj - yes xeno is working with coalition productively. Let's leave sceptics in the cold, issue a conscience vote, & ignore fielding.

@lessig "Attention must be paid" - Arthur Miller, death of a salesman - are the words that spring to mind after reading http://bit.ly/4cCMF5

@lessig Your argument sweetly articulates my impulse to reject an 'either / or' debate. There's always a third option. The New Republic Debate: Too Much Transparency? (Part VI) (Lessig responds to his critics)