2010 - world's best linux conference

Submitted by kattekrab on Sat, 09/01/2010 - 21:24

I'm going to - Wellington 18-23 January 2010

Goodness me, it really is only a week away now. The best linux and free and open source conference I've ever ever been to. This year is in Wellington, New Zealand at was fabulous, LCA2008 was brilliant, LCA2007 was awesome and LCA2006 was inspiring. I expect LCA2010 to be better than all of them. Combined.

No Pressure Guys ;)

The Welly10 team, slaving and sleep-deprived, have been putting the finishing touches on a well-executed plan. I truly fear they are putting all of us who went before them to shame.

Here's what I'm looking at doing in Wellington next week.

Day 1 - Monday 18th January

Co-hosting Libre Graphics Day means I've resisted the urge to look too closely at the other miniconfs taking place on Monday. Although I know I'd also like to clone myself to be at the Haecksen miniconf.

Day 2 - Tuesday 19th January

Very much looking forward to Briella Coleman's keynote, then I'll be in the Education miniconf. All day. 

Day 3 - Wednesday 20th January

Day 4 - Thursday 20th January

Day 5 - Friday 20th January

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