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I've been crazy busy of late, and seem to be suffering the same fate as others in that I'm using micro-blogs for the quick updates and burning need to express those 'top-of-mind' thoughts, rather than posting here to http://kattekrab.net - Ah well.

Not that you care. I don't imagine these rare postings of mine are missed much by anyone! :)

So what have I been up to? Conferences. Again.  Ya'd think I would have learnt to keep away from these unmitigated stress-fests by now. Oh no. Not me. Never learn, Can't be told.

It was a week ago now that I presented at the Computers in Education Group of South Australia (CEGSA) 2009 Conference. I re-ran my Inkscape tutorial - this time with a twist of 'drawing across the curriculum'. Whilst they are only slightly different from those presented at LCA, StixCamp and VITTA's open for education day, if you haven't yet seen them my Inkscape slides are online at slideshare.

Unfortunately I didn't get to go to the whole CEGSA09 conference. As I was flying over to Adelaide to go to the conf on my own dime, and not doing any 'income generating' business, I couldn't quite justify the cost of also registering for the conference, even though it was actually pretty cheap. But I also couldn't justify the extra time - but the bright side is I did get to catch up with most of my Adelaide pals, even if only briefly.

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