K12 openminds conference - pooputer

Submitted by kattekrab on Sun, 28/09/2008 - 01:15

Travelling halfway around the world to speak at a conference - always a great opportunity to learn something new.

Dr Thornburg talked about a microbial fuel cell - that uses manure and salt water to generate electricity. Nice.

Imagine combining this with the OLPC... or other low watt computing devices... such as mobile internet gadgets and smart phones...


Poo Powered Computing - The PooPuter!  :)

heh.  http://www.microbialfuelcell.org/

To create knowledge you need to interact.

Submitted by kattekrab on Tue, 26/08/2008 - 10:29

Roland forwarded info on a free lecture taking place in Melbourne on 17 Sept by Charles Leadbetter. Con replied with a transcript from this guy speaking in 2006...

The Direct quote is


Submitted by kattekrab on Tue, 12/08/2008 - 02:27
2am Typography. Worse than midnight.

The Joy of Inkscape

Submitted by kattekrab on Sat, 09/08/2008 - 19:15

Well - I submitted an abstract to the linux.conf.au call for participation to do a tutorial on Inkscape.  And I encouraged one of the lead inkscape developers, Jon Cruz, to also make a submission. He tells me he did! Which is very W00t!

But also reduces the chances of having my own tutorial accepted.

3 blogs

Submitted by kattekrab on Thu, 07/08/2008 - 20:06

I have 3 blogs.

  1. http://kattekrab.livejournal.com
  2. http://www.cc.com.au/donna
  3. http://www.kattekrab.net

That is all. 

Inkscaping for Fun and Profit

Submitted by kattekrab on Wed, 16/07/2008 - 15:43

I finally got around to bloging about and uploading my inkscape talk slides to my biz site Creative Contingencies - http://www.cc.com.au/inkscape-talk

Also included the refs at the end of the talk - so it's a handy ref I can point people to - also went to the trouble of teasing out the various download links seeing as inkscape is truly cross platform and available for windows, mac and a bunch of different linux distros.


grey lifts to blue

Submitted by kattekrab on Thu, 05/06/2008 - 11:40

Strange. Earth. Life.

... the sky outside was grey. brown dried plane tree leaves hang in the branches. nice contrast. look again - the grey is bluer now. fog lifts. grey lifts to blue. and sun breaks through.

awakening - pooh bear - tao of pooh, ekhart tolle, power of now, a new earth, jung, deep-ecology - striving for perfection, finding there is none. the flaw gives context to beauty. Stop. notice. breathe. notice. smile.

OLPC at ICTEV 2008

Submitted by kattekrab on Sat, 24/05/2008 - 17:02

I'm sitting in  Roland's session  on  Web 2.o bling at the  2008 conference for ICT in 
Education Victoria (ICTEV),  Like VITTA this teacher association is focussed on supporting teachers use of Info and Comms tech in schools for learning and teaching.

A week or so ago I put out a call to some of the owners of the LCA XOs to ask if I could borrow their machines to show to teachers at the conference. 

Huge thanks to all of you who came through and agreed to help out.