Felice Fiestas! Happy Holidays! Seasons Greetings!

By kattekrab, 25 December, 2008
Tis the season... for thoughts of rest, peace and joy! An Ascendant moon, the southern cross hang above a city skyline and a cartoon forest of trees

Whilst it's not a holy-day for everyone, Christmas Day is a scheduled public holiday in Australia. For some people that just means time and a half, perhaps triple time for a few.  Nurses, Police officers, system admins - slave on, while others gather with family and friends to share each others company, eat too much food and exchange gifts.

But it's a dark time for some people - everyone else's excess and good fortune is just salt for unspoken wounds. Whatever the faith (or lack there-of) behind your celebration take a moment to think outside your own experience. Hate a little less, criticise not, appreciate another point of view. 

Observe some inner peace, and share tolerance and respect in the closing days of 2008.  The future always seems close at this time of year. Ponder the possibilities for the future you want. Dream a little.

Love. Blessed Be.