There's beggary in the love that can be reckoned.

Submitted by kattekrab on Sun, 31/03/2024 - 08:52

What is value?

What are values?

Why do we focus on value?

Ultimately, in many ways a value is simply a point of measurement. A small stripe on a ruler or thermometer. A price, a temperature, a height, a weight. A value. A number.

But we use the word in other ways too. We talk of values that are not numbers, we use this word to collect concepts that are much harder to measure.

12 days in to 2024 - Being open.

Submitted by kattekrab on Fri, 12/01/2024 - 12:01

Wow.  This year is off to a racing start for me.  We're already 12 days in, and my mind is abuzz with ideas, options, and potential for 2024.

Open unlocks the world's potential.  That's the Red Hat Why.

And Open is my word for 2024. Just one little word. A word I've held tightly for many years now.

As session co-chair for the Everything Open conference I'm feeling drawn to explore more about what it means to different people, and how we "unlock" it for everyone. 

Open practices for open projects @FOSDEM

Submitted by kattekrab on Wed, 03/01/2024 - 19:52

The Open Practice Library is filled with useful stuff. Stuff that helps people work together better, build the right thing, and build the thing right. In this session we'll gather ideas and issues from participants, and design potential solutions and pathways together using the Mobius Loop, and the library of open practices. It should be fun, come along!

30 minutes on the 4th of Feb, in Brussels, at FOSDEM.

PIP Decks

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Productivity Tactics PIP Deck - a box filled with cards that says "Ditch Procrastination. Get stuff done."

I splurged. Before Christmas, I bought myself the complete set of PIP Decks. I picked them up yesterday. Let's get started with the Productivity Tactics deck.  The productivity strategy system is golden. It has that magic quality of seeming obvious once you read it, and yet, it's not. I am way too skilled at procrastination, so that's a thing I'd really like to get worse at doing. The Reset cards will resource this mission.

Finding Louisa

Submitted by kattekrab on Sun, 29/10/2023 - 09:35
Bookshop interior. Walls lined with bookshelves, and a wooden table at the centre.

Yesterday, I encountered a special little bookshop in the country town of St Arnaud. Jane, the proprietor, only sells Australian books. New, and second hand. I picked up a copy of Brian Matthews book Louisa. 

It was at 2011 in Brisbane where I started the campaign to digitise the dawn. Crowdfunding cash to donate to the National Library of Australia to scan the pages of Louisa Lawson’s journal. 

Yes! Let's listen to the indigenous Voice to parliament

Submitted by kattekrab on Sun, 01/10/2023 - 10:36
Yes - Red earth foreground, pink and purple sky background, yellow sun on the horizon.

Two weeks from today I’ll wake up with a new sense of the country I call home. 

Will a majority of 97% of Australian’s vote YES to give 3% a Voice to parliament in recognition of their ancient connection to country?

I think they will. 
I hope they will. 
I believe they will. 

But it’s going to be close. And that in itself is a bit heart breaking. It shouldn’t be close. 

It should be an easy, and enthusiastic yes, as it was in 1967. 

Open Source, Open Practice.

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Pink and grey knitting interwoven with indistinct digits - Generated by Dall⸱e, prompted by me.

VALA Tech Camp 2023 was held last week, and I was lucky enough to attend, and to speak on Day 2 in the Open Source stream.

The day started with an excellent workshop on digital search skills in the Data stream. I learnt some very nifty tricks, and played around with a brilliant set of tools I've never used before called Voyant Tools.

The Mi5 Formula

Submitted by kattekrab on Sat, 15/07/2023 - 15:04
A colourful diagram, representing a mathematical formula with icons that represent Magical insights PLUS Marvellous ideas divided by Minimalist implementations minus Minor iterations that equals Measurable impacts.

(Magical insight + Marvellous idea)/(Minimalist implementation - Minor iteration) = Measurable impact.

Images: Donna + Dall-e