Vote Now - Drupal Association board elections

Submitted by kattekrab on Mon, 16/09/2013 - 17:54

The Drupal Association board has two positions for members elected by the community.

Voting is open now, but only for a couple of days. Voting closes midnight Thursday 19 September 2013.

Don't procrastinate...

VOTE NOW - community elections for the board of the Drupal Association

Who to vote for?

There are 13 candidates to choose from. You can find out more about them from their nomination statements, and from 2 meet the candidate sessions held last week.

Who can vote?

Anyone with an account on when nominations opened on 1 September 2013, and has logged in during the past 12 months is eligible to vote.

How to vote?

Login to the Drupal Association website, go to, and rank the candidates in the order you prefer.  You don't need to order all the candidates, just the ones you'd prefer to be on the board.  We're electing 2 candidates to sit on the board.

Check out this video that explains the voting system we're using.