On the road to Munich

Submitted by kattekrab on Sat, 04/08/2012 - 11:59
DrupalCon Munich 2012 - I'm a speaker

This year I've been to Denver, Colorado and Portland, Oregon. Next week I'm heading off to Munich, Bavaria to speak at DrupalCon Munich. Later in the year I'll be heading to San Francisco for the final face to face board meeting of the Drupal Association for the year.

That's me, Donna Benjamin, Drupal Association director at Large, international woman of mystery! Ok, perhaps not that mysterious. Perhaps I should explain?

Greg Dunlap invited me to speak at DrupalCon Munich when he was one of the Community track chairs. I was blown away. Humbled, proud and excited. Also, terrified. It's a big deal. Have you seen the other people on that featured sessions list? No? Take a look.

Greg told me he wanted something a bit different to the traditional "Meet the association" kind of session. He seemed to think I might provide a fresh perspective on the Drupal Association and it's place in the Drupalverse. When Greg stepped down as track chair, I wasn't sure the invitation was still open, but his replacements João Ventura and Karyn Cassio were prepared to keep me on the list.

My talk is titled
Infiltration Day 853: Drupal Association Board. Confessions of a not-so-secret double agent.

I'm working on my talk today - and writing this post is really kind of procrastinating - so I should get back to that... but really, just check out the Drupal Association News ... there's a lot going on.

And if you do Drupal, and you're not a member, join up! ;)