Nominate. Question. Vote. Use your voice.

By kattekrab, 3 September, 2012

I've just got home after my 3rd overseas trip for the year. There's no place like home. But being out and about in the world is a huge amount of fun.

DrupalCon Munich was fantastic. It gave me a variety of experiences. I volunteered! I spoke! I attended meetings and schmoozed with cool people. I saw sessions! I was also interviewed by DrupalRadar.

I talk about global diversity, small voices, being on the board, and the current elections for the Drupal Association (DA). Nominations are now open for new community elected representatives for the board of directors.

Please consider nominating yourself for election, or encourage a friend or colleague to do so if you think they have something valuable to offer. Once nominations close, consider the candidates, ask them questions, let them know what's important to you, but most importantly, when voting opens, vote. Vote, and tell others to vote too. It's the easiest way to participate in the DA.

Here's the interview:

Drupalcon Interviews: Donna Benjamin, DA Board member from Drupal Radar on Vimeo.