Melbourne logos

By kattekrab, 23 July, 2009

Melbourne has a new logo. 


I think I like it. But I'm still getting acquainted and reserve the right to withhold judgement. I do think it's high time our fair city got a refresh... but quarter of a million dollars does seem like an awful lot of money, and I also wonder why a melbourne firm wasn't hired to do the job.  I mean really. What does that tell you?

I used to call the previous logo 'The Melbourne Swastika' - I vaguely recall it came in to being at the time of the Great Dissolution of Victorian Councils under Kennet. To be honest I can't really remember why I dubbed it so. But it did pop up everywhere fast. Fluttering on flags, and emblazoned on the sleeves of our much maligned parking inspectors.


I have searched Hi and Lo for the 1980's logo I remember... A column, and a squiggle, red, yellow and blue... any one else remember it? or better yet have a digital copy of it I can put here?


Not really a logo, but the inner shield of the coat of arms is found on poles and iron lace awnings all over the city.

Melbourne Coat of Arms

Apparently the symbols in the quarters represent the main economic activities of Melbourne around the middle of the 1800s: sheep and cattle farming, shipping and whaling. Thankfully we're not whaling any more, but there's good whale watching to be done round Warnambool at certain times of the year.

And that's the Flag of the City of Melbourne