Learn Drupal - Global Training Days

Submitted by kattekrab on Wed, 20/06/2012 - 05:29

Late last year, the board of the Drupal Association put six things on the agenda for 2012.

One of those was to coordinate Global Training Days to get more people to start learning Drupal and help address the world wide talent famine for skilled drupalistas.

The next one is happening on Friday 22 June. That's this week.

The dates for follow up Global Training Days are 14 September and 14 December.

See drupal.org/learn-drupal for all the details


But how did we get here?

In January, Dries spoke briefly about the Drupal Association at Drupal Downunder. Here's a snippet

And in February - the global drupal community stepped up by running events in Africa, Europe, Japan and the United States. On Friday this week, Australia, the Ukraine and Columbia joins in too.

Can you help spread the word?  Get out on twitter. The hashtag is #learndrupal - let people know it's happening, and gear up for the next one in September.

If you want to attend, register online direct with the training partner running the day.  See the full list to see if there's a Drupal training day somewhere near you.