Installing Drupal

By kattekrab, 14 October, 2013

Thought I'd have a play with a bleeding edge pre alpha 4 development snapshot of Drupal 8. I hit a minor documentation/installation snag. This is probably frustrating for people, so I'm documenting it here in order to later find the right place, right person, right way to report it, and perhaps improve it.

I've nearly finished installing D8! Yay. Now I'm at the "Configure site" stage where I get this helpful message suggesting I ought to consult the "online handbook."

All necessary changes to sites/default and sites/default/settings.php have been made, so you should remove write permissions to them now in order to avoid security risks. If you are unsure how to do so, consult the online handbook.

Which links to

The page title of which is "Webhosting issues". This is what it looks like.


Elsewhere, we do provide the specific commands needed to remove write permissions. But not here, where we suggest they might be found. Perhaps we should link to instead?  I'm not sure. The large number of confused comments on that page seeking further guidance suggests there's still room for improvement. One of those comments points at "Securing file permissions and ownership".

I'm sorry I don't really have any concrete suggestions on precisely HOW we could improve this experience, but I do feel we could do better!  I also have no idea where to post this as an issue on Tweet me, or find me on irc.