Inkscape tutorial - 2011

By kattekrab, 1 August, 2010

The call for participation for 2011 in Brisbane from January 24-29 is open, so I submitted a proposal to run a 1.5 hr Inkscape Tutorial. Here's the abstract I provided.

Inkscape: Basic tools and techniques

Inkscape is a cross platform, GPL, graphics editor. Its native file format, Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) is a W3C open standard.

This tutorial guides participants through a series of tasks designed to introduce Inkscape's interface and tools, and build foundation skills for creating and modifying vector graphics.

Assumed knowledge:

  •  Free and Open Source Software licensing.
  •  Difference between raster and vector graphics.

New knowledge goals:

  •  Inkscape interface, creating shapes and lines, working with colour.
  •  Inkscape techniques, path operations, object manipulations.
  •  How to edit existing SVGs from wikimedia commons or

You don't need to be a designer, artistic or know how to draw. Just install Inkscape on your laptop, bring a mouse, come along and learn how to get the best out of this brilliant tool.

Competition is fierce to have a proposal accepted to present at - but if you don't submit you have no chance at all. The call for papers closes Saturday 7 August.