OLPC at ICTEV 2008

Submitted by kattekrab on Sat, 24/05/2008 - 17:02

I'm sitting in  Roland's session  on  Web 2.o bling at the  2008 conference for ICT in 
Education Victoria (ICTEV),  Like VITTA this teacher association is focussed on supporting teachers use of Info and Comms tech in schools for learning and teaching.

A week or so ago I put out a call to some of the owners of the LCA XOs to ask if I could borrow their machines to show to teachers at the conference. 

Huge thanks to all of you who came through and agreed to help out.  

I've had some good chats with people and possibly made some useful new connections.

Just in case tagging this ictev2008 draws some new viewers... you can find out more about the OLPC on http://www.laptop.org and get in touch with OLPC australia here: http://www.olpc.org.au