grey lifts to blue

By kattekrab, 5 June, 2008

Strange. Earth. Life.

... the sky outside was grey. brown dried plane tree leaves hang in the branches. nice contrast. look again - the grey is bluer now. fog lifts. grey lifts to blue. and sun breaks through.

awakening - pooh bear - tao of pooh, ekhart tolle, power of now, a new earth, jung, deep-ecology - striving for perfection, finding there is none. the flaw gives context to beauty. Stop. notice. breathe. notice. smile.

I mean... ecofuels and diesels... no good if we can't feed ourselves... maslows hieararchy of needs, surely food and shelter come before transport - but what if we can't afford food and shelter without transport because we can't live near work. work from home. grow stuff. no earth. need earth. hugh fearnly whittingstall, the good life - self sufficiency? Just for hippies?

Hmmm. Random. Tech. Art. Learning. Freedom. Green. Order. Chaos. Confusion. Fog. Clarity. New, different, diverse. Acceptance. Accountability. Accomodation.

Make it real. Own your irritation. Are we really at the mercy of others? Or are we agents of positive movement in our own lives?

Taking a step - but to where? for what? Who knows?

tread softly... stop worrying. celebrate thoughtless moments of abject tranquility.

Feeling powerless. watched "catherine freeman  who do you think you are" last night. watched her react to the stupid control the state had over her ancestors.  How can we have been so wrong? We - humanity. What gives us the right to disenfranchise, control and own other people?  Do we own ourselves? perhaps owning itself is the problem. but if renunciation leaves a void... won't something rush in to fill the emptiness? "Nature abhores a vacuum?

Interesting few days... travelling through the world always wakes me - makes me restless. like to keep moving. been still too long, need to move. So much - pain - misdirection - sadness - confusion and restlessness. Some use order, some avoid it. Some play games, and act to wound, consciously or unconsciously. Find a third way, and a fourth, and a fifth. Don't settle with the obvious answer. Test it against alternatives.

Random free association. Tumbled thoughts. Tumbleweeds. No herbaceous borders here. A bramble patch yields to fertile earth.

Creative expression. Self-determination. Focus. "Attention must be paid"

listen. listen and watch. quiet the noisy ego. appreciate.

wu wei.