Fundraising for non profits

By kattekrab, 15 February, 2013

I need to get up to speed on fundraising, and non-profit revenue generation.  This hasn't been something I've focussed on much before, and suspect I've generally succeeded in this space more through good luck than good management. 

Raising the necessary amount needed for a particular project has come pretty easily - but they've been small projects, with small budgets and convincing the right people to support the project hasn't been too much of a challenge.

I'm involved with three tech related non-profit organisations.  Each very different, with a variety of sources of revenue.

Now, I find myself wanting to understand this space better.  So - what are the different avenues open to these sorts of organisations?  Donations, Sponsorships, Fee for service, Grants, CrowdFunding, Membership. What are the options and how do they work?

This 2009 article outlining 10 Non profit funding models is good food for thought.

  • Heartfelt Connector, Beneficiary Builder, and Member Motivator: 
    Individual donations
  • Big Bettor
    Funded by a single person or by a few individuals or foundations.
  • Public Provider, Policy Innovator, and Beneficiary Broker:
    Government funding
  • Resource Recycler
    Corporate funding
  • Market Maker, Local Nationalizer:
    Mix of funders

Donorbox also has this useful guide to Funding Sources for Nonprofits and Charities - check it out.