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Thanks for checking out my preferred attribution methods!

I've put this short "HowTo" together because there's so much confusion around attributing credit for creative commons works. I'm not too fussed exactly HOW you attribute my work so long as you do but here's some guidelines to take away the guess work.

You do not need to attribute my work on openclipart as it is in the public domain - but if you want to you can. 

However most of my work on Flickr is licensed under the Creative Commons, if it isn't, and you want to use it, please contact me. I may be able to relicense it for you unless it contains people who have not given permission to have their image used under a creative commons license.

Are you publishing online?

I'd appreciate a link back to the image and a link back to this blog. Link the image itself directly back to the source on Flickr, openclipart or wikimedia commons and link the words kattekrab or Donna Benjamin back to this blog here

Online just do this: 

- kattekrab

or this:

- Donna Benjamin

If you can't use the CC logo replace it with (CC) BY-SA making sure it links to

(CC) BY-SA - Donna Benjamin

You might like to use a service such as ImageCodr

Are you publishing in print?


The Vineyard at Welshman's Reef  - Photo by Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin, "The Vineyard at Welshman's Reef" 14 Mar 2009 on Flickr (Lic: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike)

MLA Style

Name. "Photo Title." Photograph. Website. Publisher, photo date. Web. access date.

Benjamin, Donna. "The Vineyard at Welshman's Reef." Photograph. Flickr. Yahoo!, 14 Mar 2009. Web. 7 Nov 2010

APA Style

Surname, First Initial. (Photographer, or Illustrator). (Year) Title [online image]. Retrieved date from Flickr full URL

Benjamin, D. (Photographer). (2009) The Vineyard at Welshman's Reef  [online image] . 7 Nov 2010 from Flickr

Here's some other guidelines

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