so sad, so very very sad.

By kattekrab, 10 February, 2009

Mere words seem inadequate.
Tears speak volumes.
Compassion overflows.
Condolences for the unspeakable loss of life of loved ones, pets, stock, wildlife, bushland.

Condolences for the ongoing horror of serious injuries requiring months and years of rehab.

Condolences for destroyed homes once filled with the tangible momentos of families lives.

I'm so very very sorry.
But also to the firefighters, rescuers, support workers, volunteers, workers at the emergency broadcaster - my heart goes out to you too. Thank you for what you're doing, and hope you also get the support you'll sorely need, for urgent rest, comfort and counselling.

To all of us - watching in horror, and wondering what we can do. Give money, give blood in the coming weeks, give time, give energy. Mostly give your compassion, and be there if your friends and family need you.

How can we help?

Don't be afraid to express your own grief and horror.

The ripples of our grief go out in ever widening circles and embrace our common humanity.