By kattekrab, 7 February, 2009

I am nearly old.  Old, as opposed to young.  And I am beginning to experience the phenomenon known as remembering.

I picked up a postcard last night... trumpetting Australia's first ever Youth Forum.  What about Priority One? The Youth forum we had when I was a youth?  I'm feeling cynical.

I'm also remembering the dust cloud on the last hottest day of my life - I was in primary school. Strange billowing red clouds seemed to tower in the sky before descending to cover everything in a light gritty dust.

And then came Ash Wednesday.  Horror is all I remember.  Today is like that day they say. But today I can track stuff on the interwebs. Monitor the temperature and rather than just pray for the cool change, I watch it creep closer with the Bureau's radar.

I feel less terrified. Because I'm older? Because I'm more informed? I don't know.  It's still too hot to think.


"It is feared more than 40 people have died as ferocious bushfires sweep across much of country Victoria and New South Wales.

Fourteen deaths have so far been confirmed in Victoria and dozens of properties lost, as swamped fire crews battle dozens of blazes." ABC news