Australian Type Foundries?

By kattekrab, 1 March, 2012

Dear Lazy Web,

Do you know of any typefaces designed and created in foundries in Australia?

Pre-digital. Cast in metal.

Here is what I've found so far:

Dennis Bryans, The Beginnings of Type Founding in Sydney: Alexander Thompson's Type, His Foundry, and His Exports to Inter-Colonial Printers Journal of Design History Vol. 9 No. 2 1996 The Design History Society.

There are many references to "Type Foundry" in TROVE's archive of digitised newspapers. Here's one:

THE MANUFACTURE OF TYPE. (1900, August 18).The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 10.

I understand that foundries existed, but many reproduced typefaces using imported moulds from Europe or the US.

Do you know if anyone actually designed type faces in Australia?  And if yes, do you know of examples? Are they online somewhere?

I'm sure there must have been some, but so far, my casual search of the intarwebs has turned up nuffin.

Your assistance much appreciated.