The Ada Initiative

By kattekrab, 12 March, 2011

Mary Gardiner and Valerie Aurora have launched The Ada Initiative.

They really want to tackle the under representation of women in open technology and culture and the want to do it full time.

I was honoured they asked me to join the advisory board, and utterly humbled when I saw the list of other women on the board. It's an extraordinary crew of talented, accomplished women. Do I really belong there? Or is that just my imposter syndrome at work?

One of the first activities of the Ada Initiative is to take the pulse of the community by issuing this census.

More details here:

The census should be taken by people of any gender. It asks two broad sets of questions: What open projects are you working on, and what is your opinion of how women are treated in your project and in the open community in general?

If you feel yourself part of the open community in anyway, as a user, contributor or developer, please take part in the census, and please help spread the word.