Accelerate faster with Open Source contributions

By kattekrab, 29 December, 2020
Rocket launch escape velocity

I'm currently (finally) reading Accelerate. So when I stumbled on this McKinsey report about Developer Velocity, I thought "Snap!", just as one does when playing that childhood card game when you see a match.

So what's the match?

Accelerate evangelises the metrics that matter for high performing software development, along with 24 capabilities that help teams & orgs excel.  McKinsey's report highlights that contributing to Open Source, and not simply using it, is a critical differentiator amongst the top performers. McKinsey used their research to create a Developer Velocity Index (DVI).

We found that building an open-source culture is about more than using open-source software within the code; it extends to encouraging contribution and participation in the open-source community as well as adopting a similar approach to how code is shared internally—that is, strong InnerSource adoption.

Another notable distinction is that DVI leaders are more advanced in managing open-source development securely. Many are using centralized security management and automated tools that can scan open-source components and remediate vulnerabilities before deployment.

At Red Hat's Open Innovation Labs, we are unashamed proponents of both Accelerate's message, and the promise of Open Source. McKinsey's findings are not a surprise, but a welcome validation of our approach. 


Image by metalandrew from Pixabay