Open Day & Fairy Penguins at 2008

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Tangram Tux - Official logo of 2008Open Day

Saturday 2 February is Open Day at Hoping to build on the magnificent success of Open Day at 2007 we will set up tables for FLOSS projects, community groups and our sponsors to use to spread the word about their good works.

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Linux Magazine - November 2007whooohoooooo.

  Linux Magazine approached us to be a media partner, and I've been preparing a press-ready PDF to go into the next edition as an advertisement...  I went off to buy a copy of the magazine, as research, to see how it looks - and saw we had this nice little write up! 


what is it?

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Visual Haiku

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Standing Stones in rolling hills - visual haiku with inkscape


leaves and flowers - more inkscape fun 

Software Freedom Day 2007

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Software Freedom Day in Melbourne for 2007We had our 2nd SFD meeting for the year tonight - and I'm all fired up for a great event. We've got the town hall again, which is great news, because such a central, high profile venue is a great way to bring focus to software freedom.

I've redone the poster from last year...

SVG and javascript...

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... wow ...

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