3 years at Red Hat

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Freedom. Courage. Commitment. Accountability. - Values in balance at Red Hat

At Red Hat we try to balance our values of freedom and courage, alongside commitment, and accountability

I love this. It's the key that unlocks the open culture we live and breathe. 

Freedom and courage require brave behaviour. Commitment and accountability help ensure we serve our communities, our customers, and our colleagues.

No single value is as important as all of them... The inherent tension and conflict between our values is part of what makes them so compelling, and as Red Hatters, it’s up to all of us to hold each other accountable for keeping the four values in balance.  Book of Red Hat

Donna Benjamin is laughing whilst at the Red Hat stand at Gartner IT Expo 2019
Photo by Brendan Hawke of me at the Gartner ITXpo in 2019

It's 3 years ago today that I joined the world's largest open source company, there's now 20,000 of us, and the culture matters.

I love this quote from Geert Hofstede in his book called Culture's Consequences.

"Culture is to a human collectivity what personality is to the individual"

If we think of our culture this way, it informs our identity, and shapes how we're perceived by others.

Red Hat has experienced massive growth in the 3 short years I've been there. Growth fosters change, people come and go, and I've just been promoted to Senior Engagement Lead. There's a long weekend ahead of me to reflect on my own work, and values, and how they align with the mission of the organisation I find myself in. 

Our Mission

To be the catalyst in communities of customers, contributors, and partners creating better technology the open source way.

We believe that open unlocks the world's potential.

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