2015 - Where did the year go?

By kattekrab, 16 December, 2015
A yellow square.

I can't believe the year is nearly over. It's been a strange one for me. No key themes. Well, not that I can see yet. Maybe I need more time.

But I did a lot of travelling. A lot. More than usual.

Two trips to New Zealand, three to the US, One to Europe, and a few interstate hops too. And I've already got three overseas trips pencilled in for next year. It's not good for the planet, but it's always mind opening to be in a different place, outside my "normal" operating parameters. I'm particularly looking forward to going to DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai in February.

I spent a lot of time this year thinking about conflict resolution and codes of conduct. I'm still thinking. I'm now working through how we can improve the way we respond to incidents. How can we make it feel safer to report issues? We also need to respond with fairness and humanity, without being detectives, judge or jury.

I also started to think more critically about what it is I "do" and I really don't have a good answer for that. I'm going to need to get much better at that in 2016.

Business analyst? Scrum mistress? Web therapist? Event manager? Project facilitator? Cat herder? Theatre director? Executive director? Mediator? Site builder? Client Liaison? Community leader? Account manager? So many things. So much stuff.

In a small business like Creative Contingencies I do lots of things on a small scale. In a larger business I need to specialise. As a consultant, I just roll up my sleeves and do what needs doing, whatever that might be.

Best wishes for the festive season and the coming new year. May you also have pause to reflect, and refresh.